Saturday, September 16, 2023



Sorry posts have been so light again lately. Currently copyediting a book on The Lone Ranger, writing an article on Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural for 2024 magazine publication, finishing the manuscript formatting for the McHale’s Navy book I recently co-wrote with author Denny Reese, reading several books for my review column at Forces of Geek,. another book co-written with Linda Alexander and Martin Grams, Jr, on James Garner's Maverick, is recently out, and Connecticut in the Movies, the book I worked behind the scenes on with illeana Douglas is just two weeks away! 

As far as my health, I have an appointment with a new cardiologist coming up on Monday. In consultation with my old cardiologist, they seem to have decided I don't have the type of heart problems they thought I had at all, but instead a completely different type of issue, which would require different treatment and meds. Cross your fingers.

I've got an item coming up in a comics auction soon--more on that later, and some possible good news regarding...well, no...better not even mention that one yet or I could jinx it.

Speaking of jinxes, there's a Friday the 13th in October! Always a week or so of weird GOOD luck for me!

So keep watching this space and I'll be back soon!

Still time to pre-order Connecticut in the Movies at the discounted price here---

And you can order Maverick here---

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