Tuesday, March 21, 2023

James Alexander Thom R.I.P.


I just found out that author James Alexander Thom died on January 30th of this year. That's him seen here with my Manager Brenda, bookseller Miriam, and myself in 1983 or '84. He was the first author where I was a major part of setting up his signing. His book FOLLOW THE RIVER was Miriam's favorite and she actually managed to get local schools to make it required reading. For years. It's historical FICTION, but Thom spent years meticulously researching his books. They were only called "Fiction" because he put words into his characters' mouths. He was soft spoken and distinguished, intelligent and witty, and everything I considered an author to be. We never had him back again for another signing but all of his books became consistent bestsellers that I was able to continue selling long after Miriam had left the company. In fact, I always kept stacks of FOLLOW THE RIVER in stock 25 years later when I was managing the Airport Borders location. When someone asked--as they inevitably did--"What's just a good book?"--I would say, "Well, our bookseller Miriam LOVED this one." Sold thousands over the years. Rest in Peace, James Alexander Thom.


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