Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Announcing: Connecticut in the Movies by Illeana Douglas (assisted by yours truly!)

Seen here is my friend Illeana Douglas, the movie star. We were introduced virtually by Kliph Nesteroff in 2021 and she and I spent much of 2022 with me doing behind the scenes work on her forthcoming book, CONNECTICUT IN THE MOVIES. I lead a very surreal life.  

CONNECTICUT IN THE MOVIES is a passion project for Illeana, as she grew up in Connecticut, and also grew up around movies with her adored grandfather, actor Melvyn Douglas. She lives there again these days.

Me? I started out as a proofreader but ultimately did research and copy-editing for the book. We had do much fun working together that we're looking at other book projects now.

It's a great book! Makes no difference whether you've ever even been to Connecticut, either, as the book is  about more than 80 movies set in Connecticut, and some of the most famous of those were never actually in the state, either.  

CONNECTICUT IN THE MOVIES talks about both--movies set in Connecticut but filmed in Hollywood, and movies actually filmed in Connecticut (although sometimes set elsewhere!).

The book is scheduled to be published in October of 2023 by Lyons Press, a Connecticut-based imprint of Globe-Pequot, a major publisher for many years. Online sources are offering it for pre-order but they're also saying it'll be 320 pages and our assembled ARC comes in at 700 so don't be surprised if the announced $32.00 price goes up as publication gets closer. 

So I'm asking you all to consider pre-ordering it now. If you order from Amazon, no money will be deducted until the book ships in nine months but you're guaranteed to get it at the current price.

CONNECTICUT IN THE MOVIES is the book on which I have had the most fun, and I've never been to Connecticut once! Illeana's light and lively explorations discover a whole new sub-genre of film--The Connecticut Movie: Dark Suburbia. She's also an excellent photographer and the book will be filled with color photos shot exclusively for this book. 

Here's the order page:


And here's the book's dedicated Facebook page, where I've been posting all sorts of extras and trivia regarding Connecticut films. I'd appreciate it if you'd "LIKE" the page, even if you don't plan on buying the book.


Thanks in advance!

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