Monday, December 05, 2022

Never a Dull Moment-1968

For many years I remembered a specific, atmospheric scene I saw in a movie back in the late 1960s that I thought had starred Dick Van Dyke. I couldn't recall much about the scene other than the fact that it was set in an alley. I couldn't recall anything else about the picture, either. Eventually, as I became a better researcher and cable TV and the Internet offered many more sources, I was able to pinpoint the forgotten film as 1968's NEVER A DULL MOMENT, a Disney flick starring Mr. Van Dyke.

Someone once said that when you don't have faith in a movie, you entitle it NEVER A DULL MOMENT and, sure enough, there have been several fairly forgettable films with that name...this once included. It did have some memorable posters, though. LOTS of them!




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