Monday, December 27, 2021

Mental Health America Fundraiser for My Friend

Did you ever know anyone with mental health issues? I'm betting you did because many conditions that used to go undiagnosed are now out in the least on some levels. It's not that more people have issues but more people than ever KNOW they have issues. Maybe YOU do?

I've known a number of folks who have been dealing with severe depression, being bi-polar, etc. Some have been employees, some relatives, but all friends whom I hated to see suffer when society preferred to act like everything wasn't as bad as they knew inside it was. 

One of my friends is a young woman who nowadays has her own situations under control...but still there. Her birthday is coming up on January first of 2022, and she has started a Facebook fundraiser to benefit Mental Health America.  

Please give some thought to helping my friend reach her birthday goal with a small contribution. It's SO close!  

I thank you and Amy does as well. Here's the link:


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