Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Nixon, Ford and the Fantastic Four


Spider-Man artist John Romita inherited Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR when Jack Kirby left in 1970. Here, in his first storyline, we see President Richard M. Nixon, complete with a joking reference to his daughter Tricia. 

When this story was reprinted in the UK a few years later, however, Nixon had resigned in disgrace in the U.S. and Gerald Ford was then President. Marie Severin replaced Jazzy Johnny's Tricky Dick with Jerry, no problem, but someone accidentally left the "Tricia" reference in, making it seem as though Ford was consulting Nixon's daughter.


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  1. This post reminded me of the first time I read the Incredible Hulk was issues 146 & 147, when Nixon and Agnew appeared at the Hulkbuster Base.