Saturday, April 17, 2021

Annie Starring Raquel Welch and Carroll O'Conner. Arf!

I posted a couple of clippings a
this January, 1972 CBS TV special on my TV blog a few years back. Here are some more photos I've just run across. 

Bill Hinnant—seen above as Igor—was the live-action Snoopy in the hit play, YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN. Here, he’s Mort Walker’s Beetle Bailey. Even Greg Walker didn’t remember this live action Beetle!


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  1. Talk about rare - there's not even an IMDB entry for the special, nor is it listed on the IMDB pages for any of the cast! How in the world did this get forgotten but yet people still remember the two ARCHIE TV Pilots/Specials ABC Did in the mid-1970's?