Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Pop with Davy Jones

In July of 1972, Davy Jones headlined a Saturday afternoon TV special called POP that served as a pilot for a show to rival Dick Clark's AMERICAN BANDSTAND for teens. I never heard of it because locally it was pre-empted by a football game.

POP also featured, among others, The Osmond Brothers and the Mike Curb Congregation (pre-Kathy Coleman). Here's some info I found on the show. Maybe YOU saw it?


  1. What I find interesting is much is omitted in these pieces:

    No mention that the Osmond's Saturday morning cartoon is debuting in two months.
    No mention that The Monkees had been airing in reruns the past three years on Saturday mornings with great success.
    No mention of Jones' appearance on The Brady Bunch that past December (where he originally performed "Girl").
    No mention of Jones' upcoming appearance on The New Scooby-Doo Movies that coming December.

    I know these were written by uninterested middle-aged guys, but come on...

  2. Never heard of it until now so thanks for that!