Monday, May 25, 2020

Karen Valentine

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my 1970s major crush, Karen Valentine, who turns 73 today. I wrote her a fan letter when she appeared at a theater in more-or-less nearby Dayton, Ohio in the summer of 1975, taking on the Marilyn Monroe part in a musical version of the play BUS STOP. That weekend, I convinced my parents to go and the three of us took a bus to Dayton to see the show, which co-starred Rose Marie and James Naughton (then late of the TV PLANET OF THE APES and later a major Broadway musical star!).

A few days later, I got back the picture above, in an envelope with a return address of the motel the Kenley Players put their stars up at when in town. 

From ROOM 222 to GIDGET GROWS UP to THE DAUGHTERS OF JOSHUA CABE, THE GIRL WHO CAME GIFTWRAPPED, THE NORTH AVENUE IRREGULARS, KAREN, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, and her fun, sexy LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE appearances, when I remember the early-mid '70s, Karen is always my Valentine! <3 p="">

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