Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Ever since we started this blog back in 2005 there's been a DONATIONS button in the right hand column. In fact, early on--before the economy collapsed--we tended to get pretty heft donations of up to $150 at a time! It settled into more like $10 per person and that's okay, too. But then the Donations largely stopped, and I haven't made a big deal of them but now we could use a little help. I know everybody wants your money around the holidays but we've been running a month behind in several bills for a while now and a couple of those folks are starting to demand we catch up just here as the holidays approach. We can do it. We aren't in any real danger. 

But then we're broke again. Seems like we always find ourselves broke around the holidays no matter how meticulously I attempt to plan otherwise.

So here I am, after 19 years of bringing you this blog (as well as a dozen more still online) and I'm asking you to consider a donation to help us out and help me to keep doing what I do with the blogs rather than spend my time all stressed out. 

Anything and everything will be appreciated.


Just click the orange DONATE button in the right hand column.
(The 2 big buttons stopped working)

PayPal donations will go toward our DVD site, OldTime Movies DVD but trust me, that's me. 

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  1. For some reason the two buttons above aren't working so if you want to donate, use the orange donate button on the side.