Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Great Dayton Daily News Bird-Gray Morrow-1970

One of my most interesting discoveries during this blog's 2018 hiatus was the Great Dayton Daily News Bird, a mascot/superhero/promo character co-created by the great sci-fi illustrator and comic book artist Gray Morrow! Talk about obscure!

Not sure if Gray drew Charlie Brown or Dear Abby below but my guess is yes.

There was even cosplay!


  1. Dear Steve, My name is David White and I was Freddy Nice the Great Daily Daily News Bird. I was 15 years old. K,H, and C saw me in a play and hired me at $500 a day for a three day shoot. I rode a bike downtown on Main St. at 7am on a Sunday morning. Rode up to a prop telephone booth at the Dayton Arts Institute and emerged at the News Bird. My Dad was in one of the spots playing a neighbor awaiting his copy of the DDN. So, happy I found your site. Peace, David

    1. Very cool! Thanks for commenting!