Tuesday, June 18, 2019

My First VCR Movies-1980

Today, I ran across a forgotten 1980 journal I kept. So far, I'm resisting the temptation to do it as a blog (see 1974 and 1976) but I am finding some interesting forgotten memories, too.

For example, on Tuesday, May 27th, a Primary Election Day here in Kentucky, I purchased my very first VCR (or VTR as they were briefly known). The ad from Cooper's Furniture said "$999.00! Prices will never be lower!" There went my life savings up to that point.

Took me the rest of the day to get it hooked up. A friend called and I told him what i was doing and he brought over a bootleg copy of STAR WARS on Beta that we watched right there in my living room! Amazing!

Just two days later, he was back, this time with a tape I could only watch when my parents weren't around--DEBBIE DOES DALLAS!

So my first pre-recorded movie ever was STAR WARS and my first porn was DEBBIE!


  1. A GJ 1980 blog is your choice, but on record I would love it! :)

  2. Thanks, Raj. It's incomplete for one thing as I didn't start it until March for some long-forgotten reason. It also deals a lot with my very brief local comedy troupe career that year which included, in the grand show biz tradition, sex and drugs and rock and roll. A number of folks probably wouldn't like to be reminded of some things.

  3. I still remember my buddy getting a copy of Raiders of the lost Ark.It cost $75.Boot legs abounded at the time as did the Beta/VHS war.