Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Back Issue Batman

One of my favorite things I've worked on this past year has been BACK ISSUE # 99, from TwoMorrows, which hits the stores either this week or next with mail-order copies arriving already.

Although normally dealing with the Bronze Age of Comics, editor Michael Eury themes this issue as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of one of THE great cartoon series ever, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. I have a two-page article in it on my late friend, Bob Hastings, who played Commissioner Gordon on the series.

The real hero here, though, turns out to be writer John Trumbull who interviewed nearly everyone associated with the series and pieced the talks together into a fascinating oral history. Along with my fellow blogger, Jon B. Knutson, I transcribed many of John's interviews for this and for his separate article on Harley Quinn!

The issue even covers the related comics as well! If you ever enjoyed an episode of the animated BATMAN, you'll enjoy this issue.

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