Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Secret Uncle Sam

As a kid in the mid-60s, I really wanted the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. weapons briefcase. It's not that I watched the show all that often but it sure did look cool! One Christmas, though, I received instead the SECRET SAM knock-off weapons briefcase. But that's okay! It turned out that the one I got came with a REAL camera that used REAL film! I was 7 and it was the first time I had ever been a photographer!  I took shots of my pal Jimmy, my dad, my babysitter, and some random kids walking through the alley behind our apartment house. Cut off nearly everyone's head! Film was expensive! It was about 8 years before I was allowed to touch a camera again!

Forty years later, of course, I was briefly a professional photographer! Nowadays, though, you take 800 digital shots, delete the 700 that didn't quite work and you're considered a genius for the good ones that are left!

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  1. Oh yeah I remember that case, mostly the Luger style pistol with the silencer. We all sure had a lot of toy guns back then and still managed to grow up normal. Honest!