Wednesday, August 31, 2005


When's the last time you saw one of these? Surely thousands were sent out in response to letters to DC in the 1960's but other than the few I retained, I've never seen another. Marvel Comics, who chose to ignore every letter I ever sent them ,reportedly sent out empty envelopes to "no-prize" (get it?) winners while DC apparently sent out what amounts to FAQ sheets to every correspondent. My first letter was written to GREEN LANTERN in 1966 and while it was never published, I was delighted to recieve the above response in the mail a few months after I wrote it. My first published letter finally appeared in a 1968 ADVENTURE with all but a couple lines edited out. Still, you always remember your first. To this day, when traveling, I'll annoy comic shop owners by grabbing a back issue and pointing out my letter!

Oh, by the way, I don't live at that address anymore but I did recently take my 8 year old son there and take a picture of him sitting on the porch just like I did when I was his age. Ah, nostalgia!


  1. Anonymous12:56 AM

    I got me one of these, too! It's buried somewhere--I'm glad you dug out your copy, as it's unlikely I coulkd locate mine if I looked for a week! But in reading it, c'mon--it's NOT from the DC Publishers, it's from Mort Weisinger! ALL the famous firsts are of Superman Family titles, and readers are supplied with a complete listing of The Legion Of Substitute Heroes, but NOT the JLA!! In fact, outside of a mention of Batman--in regards to a cartoon show he shared with Supes--there's NO mention of any non-Kryptonian connected characters! And the big news the National bigwigs are mulling over? Should Supergirl get her own book or not!

    Thanks, Mort! And thanks you Steven, for scanning it in!

    Fred Hembeck

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Apparently this is closer to 1968 than 1966, as it references things such as the Kents becoming younger, and Chemical King, Shadow Lass, and Timber Wolf being members of the Legion (Adventure 372, Sept 1968 for two of those members). Are you sure this isn't in response to your 1968 Adventure letter?


  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    are you serious?