Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Saturdays # 72--The End

We've arrived at the final issue of the Silver Age Sub-Mariner run and an interesting one it is. The regular team seems to have seen the writing on the wall and left early. Writer Steve Skeates came in and took the opportunity to actually finish up a story that remained unfinished at DC when AQUAMAN was canceled! What were they gonna do, fire him? Former SUB-MARINER inker Dan Adkins came back as penciler and the seemingly always available Vinnie Colletta inked it all up. And a nice job they do, particularly with this splash. Nicely framed and nicely colored, I have no idea why that photo-referenced shoe is so prominent but other than that, a good way to go out.

Namor returned soon afterwards as part of the ill-considered SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP with Doctor Doom and later in a one-off issue of one of Marvel's anthology mags. But in the main, it was over...and in spite of a number of setbacks, I'd have to say the run went swimmingly!


  1. I have really enjoyed these. The Subby series was a fave of mine at the time, and each week your post triggered my memories of these old sweet comics.


    Rip Off

  2. thank you. i really enjoyed this blog. i hate to see it go. perhaps you could do the same for super villain team-up or the invaders. subby also appeared in marvel spotlight #27. he teamed with ben grimm for a couple issues of two-in-one. this title which ended with 72 issues also had a couple of giant sized specials along the way.

  3. I considered doing SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM UP (as well as the SPOTLIGHT issue) but Namor didn't appear in some later issues. Also considered DEFENDERS or even going back to the Golden Age issues but none really grabbed me like the basic run so. I even considered going beyond Subby. Checked out FF, Spidey and others but, again, nothing seems to grab me. At least not yet.

  4. yes, namor left s-v t-up with issue #13. thank you for your efforts. i really enjoyed your work.

  5. you are very, very welcome, sir. IMPERIOUS REX!!!