Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spanish Fly Comic Book Ad

Back in my day, we didn't have those embarrassing ads for Viagra and other little pills of that sort. No, we whispered and giggled about Spanish Fly. We weren't sure what it was, mind you, but somehow we all got the message that it was supposed to make girls...shall we say a little bit more...ahem...interested! It was advertised in the back of my dad's detective story mags in discreet little ads but if you looked close it always indicated that this wasn't REAL Spanish Fly and was just to be used for "novelty purposes." This being the age of immediate info, here's the lowdown on REAL Spanish Fly-- . Which makes it all the more interesting when I finally paid attention to this ad which I had seen a gazillion times in mid-sixties comics! Note the bottom left corner. Spanish Fly BAIT OIL!!?? " working on the forces that control life itself." WTF? " in all states for fish attracting," it says. Hmmm...You think that's what they're REALLY selling it for or did smart older boys KNOW the secret handshake here?


Gilligan said...

LOL! Love it!

Lisa_mynx said...

this reminds me of a conversation i had with my dad the other day-- i bought one of those little "grow" animals (i wont say what sort of animal because calvin will be upset) that you put in water and wait an agonizing week to see it get bigger (but never as big as they claim) and dad saw it in the little fish bowl i had it in and asked what it was... when i told him he said it reminded him of something he bought in a vending machine in a men's room when he was about 13-- "instant pussy"... he said he got it and had to wait days for his parents to be out of the house to try it out and when he got his chance, he dropped it in water and lo and behold he got his pussy... a little gummy kitty cat
my longest comment ever (and it vanished part way through so i had to start over)