Monday, October 12, 2015

Dawg Gone Vampire-December 10th, 1972

Back in December of 1972, less than a month from when I turned 14, my friend Terry and I attended THE POPEYE SHOW, a live action kiddie event at the madison Theater in Covington, KY. How could we not? It had Ultraman! Live! I wrote about it early on this blog and then, when i reunited with Terry a few years back, I found out he had taken pictures! I rewrote about it and showed some of his photos--enhanced--here. Now, I find this behind the scenes article...which does nothing to answer my now 43 year old question of how did they get the rights to put all of these cool characters in such amateur productions? Spider-Man? The Pink Panther? Ultraman??? (Answer: I'm betting they didn't.)

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