Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movies That Fell Though the Cracks # 45

FORCE FOUR came and went in 1975 so fast in the Cincinnati inner city theaters that even I missed it. According to IMDB, however, it was a no-budget, horribly dubbed blacksploitation/kung-fu movie in which a number of folks search for some McGuffin or other and even the heroes kick the hell out of all the extras along the way. Even the poster in the newspaper ad seen here is all paste-up. (Ya gotta love the name "Warhawk Tanzania" though, y'know?)Released on sell-through video decades later and renamed BLACK FORCE, a completely unrelated but apparently similar film from the same period was renamed BLACK FORCE 2 on video. According to one of the IMDB commenters (but not IMDB itself), the director--one Michael Fink--went on to become a visual effects supervisor on a number of major releases of the past couple decades including X-2!

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CavedogRob said...

Whoa! I never heard of that one! Thanks!