Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm Fifty-Part Six (Scenes From a Pop Culture Life)


Booksteve said...

Top pic-me in a Chicago hotel room with a Dick Tracy hardcover circa 1988.

2nd-me at one of the earliest version's of Booksteve's Library circa 1975-Note Godzilla model. The posters are from DC's Kirby mags. Can't tell but those are Snoopy stickers on the lamp, a CRACKED magazine soup can and POGO figurines on the wall display.

3rd-1970. My Bobby Sherman phase. Note the Cap psoter edging in from the left.

4th-The 1st convention I ever set up at, circa 1992. The original art display was Rich Halegua's -not mine.

5th-OTR Convention 1989
6th-My 1st job at the Waldo Pepper Pizza Company. The back of the shirt said "More than a mouthful."

7th-Me and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at a Con circa 1989

8th-Leisure suits were a horrible affliction of the seventies. circa 1977

9th-Me in 1982

10-Me as a film mogul 1968
11-It's a little-known fact I played "Spunky" in the old OUR GANG shorts! (Not really! I do NOT want to see that spread around as gospel.)

12-Cowboy-circa 1962
11-Hulk- Circa 1968
12-Me in 1959
13-My room in 1966. Note the Bat-wall
14-Batboy. 1966. Can't tell but tthose were Zorro gloves. The office building behind me would claim a special place in my life many years later (and if we're REALLY close I MIGHT tell you about it!)

lisa_mynx said...

#6... that "hat" looks like an ass kicking waiting to happen...

Rick said...

happy birthday cuz. hope you had a happy day. I remember you teling me how you hate the job at Waldo Peppers. It shows in that picture.

joe bloke said...

a happy ( belated ) birthday to you, Steve. hope it was a great one, mate. & hope you're not too hungover this morning. assuming, of course, that people are still aloud to drink once they hit the big 5-0. . .