Thursday, December 29, 2005

See-A-Show Fantastic Four

While digging for holiday decorations in my basement, I stumbled onto a box of my own old toys including a good size set of Kenner See-A-Show slides with the viewer! They weren't that good but they were cool if you were under ten years of age. I believe these date from 1968 but it may also be a mix from a couple of different sets as the strips combine straight Marvel and DC super-heroes with sillier stuff such as cartoon revolutionary soldier, Hector Heathcoate and Bozo the Clown. I'll post more in days to come but for now, here's the FF! Read from the bottom up.


Anonymous said...

I had that set, too! I only wanted the superheroes, so I never looked the non-superhero "Give-a-shows". Mine didn't survive the test of time so it's a real treat to see this one again! Thank you! h

Anonymous said...

You know, if you position your face 2 inches from you computer screen in front of two matching images and cross your eyes, you can make them appear in 3D! You also feel like your retina's are being burned out, too!!! LOL!!!