Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hoppy Bicycles

I must confess that in my entire life I have never ridden a bicycle. It just never came up, actually. Oh, I've sat on a few and tried to look like I knew what I was doing but... That said, in 1950, I would have definitely wanted one of these! Hopalong Cassidy bicycles were "the original cowboy bicycle!" In fact, I don't recall EVER seeing Roy or Gene or my personal fave (from years of 1970's reruns, mind you!) Tim Holt ride a bike. Being as marketing savvy as he was, I have no doubt that William Boyd probably appeared in a TV commercial riding to the rescue on his nifty bike with the attached sixguns! Is that a look of jealousy I see on Topper's face?

Here's a weblink to a page where someone restored a Hopalong Cassidy Bicycle last year! Cool! - Antique and Classic Bicycles. Paint and Restoration Services.

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Phillip said...

Never? It's easy! Just like riding a ...oh, wait. Yeah, sorry.