Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Is Batman?

 Here we have some screen grabs from a YouTube video (seen below) of Burns and Schreiber's SATURDAY MORNING SNEAK PEEK special from 1973. It's a fun clip featuring the voices of Mel Blanc and Paul Winchell as well as future game show host Chuck Woolery in his first TV role as Superman. My question is...who is that wearing Adam West's old outfit. I asked this on Facebook last night and there's been some interesting guesses. One person is quite sure it's Dick Gautier who subbed for West in a famous PSA the year before. It isn't. Other guesses include Fred Travalena, Rich Little and Bea Arthur (!?). It's not them either. In fact, there's no reason they would have hired a "name" at all. Remember, even Chuck Woolery was unknown at this time. I'm just curious if this actor, like Woolery, went on to do anything else. Also, since this is an "official" appearance of the Caped Crusader publicizing ABC's SUPER FRIENDS show, the actor should be counted among those who have officially played Batman. Any guesses? Anyone know for sure?


  1. I looked and listened, and I would swear Batman is being portrayed by a very young Kurtwood Smith.

    Chuck Woolery is on Twitter - maybe on a day where he's taking open questions, I'll ask if he can recall who his co-star was.

  2. Hmmm...Not a bad guess at all. I emailed Chuck a few days ago but his site says it may take months to hear back from him so yeah, try the Twitter. Thanks!

  3. Did anyone ever get an answer to this? its driving me crazy cause i swear i know him

  4. Nope. Never heard back from Chuck even.

    The question recently came up on Facebook again and various folks said they'd contact various other folks who would definitely know but no one ever responded there either. We may never know.

  5. Oh, I think someone DID say that Dick Gautier confirmed it was NOT him.

  6. Was he the voice of Batman in the cartoon?


  7. No, Paul. Adam West himself voiced Batman in the '70s cartoon and thin, older Olan Soule did it in the '60s version and on Scooby Doo. Definitely not him.

    1. Correction. Soule did Batman during the first season of Super Friends, and was replaced by West in season 2. This special was promoting the first season, when Soule was the voice. So it IS possible that it would have been him, whether that's him or not actually under the mask.
      Had they scored Adam West to do the voice in season 1, you would think ABC would have cashed in on that by having West do the appearance in cross-promotion.

  8. Anyone found out who this is? I would like to put a name on the guy for my youtube video series. While I'm here anyone knows who the Batman is in the Birds of Prey tv series (2002)?