Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Dug a Ditch-Kay Kyser and His Orchestra

Kay Kyser and his orchestra with Harry Babbitt, Sully Mason and the ever-popular Ish Kabibble. This is from 1943's THOUSANDS CHEER. I always tell folks I was in a movie with Kay Kyser. In 1980 my comedy troupe was on an all-night movie show doing sketches between the scenes and the commercials. The film that night was Kay Kyser and friends in THAT'S RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG!


John on the Sunset Coast said...

Re: Kay Kyser orch:
You have, maybe, something against Ginny Simms, girl vocalist?

Steven Thompson said...

I adore Ginny Simms! Only she's not in this clip--nor even this movie. By the time THOUSANDS CHEER was made, Kay's female singer was Georgia carroll whom he later married!