Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lenny Schultz

In the mid-seventies, spastic standup comic Lenny Schultz was poised to hit the big time with appearances on Sullivan and write-ups in national magazines. He was cast as a member of the repertory company on NBC's revival of LAUGH-IN and that was supposed to be his vehicle to success. Unfortunately for Lenny, there was another spastically insane comic on that series and he ended up being the one who got noticed...Robin Williams.


xtian.rine said...

i just watched this video on Lenny Schultz and i'm a little suprised --- there's hardly ANYTHING about him listed when i Google his name. i was curious and tried to search of a bio for him and came up with very little. any tips? thanks for posting that YouTube video.

Sharon Renay said...

There is a Go crazy Lenny Schultz group on Facebook