Sunday, April 15, 2007

Old Doc Gamble

I've been fighting being sick since Wednesday. Tonight, I came home from work, had some hot soup and promptly got severe chills that required burying myself under multiple blankets for an hour. I checked with one of my favorite doctors, Old Doc Gamble from radio's FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY, and he prescribed calling off tomorrow so I could recover by next weekend's 21st ANNUAL OLD TIME RADIO AND NOSTALGIA CONVENTION. So I did. Doc was played on radio by Arthur Q Bryan who played a number of memorable roles over the arirwaves, all of which were eclipsed by his legendary cartoon performance as Elmer Fudd! He died around the time I was born though so maybe I shouldn't listen to him. Where's Doc Savage when you need him? Hmmm...I think the fever's getting to me.


January said...

hope you feel better soon sir steve

sam kujava said...

That old Doc Gamble is a pretty
sarcastic cuss, always giving it
to Fibber, while being respectful
of Molly.
Doc Savage is more likely to perform brain surgery on you, his
There's always young and earnest
Doctor Kildare, but you have to
take curmudgeonly crusty Doctor
Gillespe as part of his tag team!
I'd go with old Doc Adams, from
Gunsmoke, who wasn't quite the
saint on radio that he was portrayed as on television!
Heck, I'm just jealous that you
can go to a fun place like the
Old Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention! Bring back some stories
to share with us!