Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Metal Men-The Movie?

The cover seen here may turn out to be prophetic in that a few years from now METAL MEN toys could be all the rage in the wake of their hit movie. That's right, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is reporting that Doc Magnus's wacky robots, long a favorite of mine, are heading to the screen courtesy of some of the folks behind the X-MEN movies and CONSTANTINE. With the current state of moviemaking being what it is, this might actually be a good idea! Of course, with the current state of Hollywood production being what it is, it may well be a decade more before we actually see METAL MEN-THE MOVIE! (And please, please, please don't let 'em adapt the Sekowsky version!!!! Oh, no!!)


Jamdin said...

I'm not really surprised by this news thanks to the new Transformers movie making robots cool again. I would have liked to see the Metel Men cartoon back when they first had their own comic book. I had a few of the issues and I loved the different personalities that the Metal Men had.

sam kujava said...

The news of the Metal Men movie
does not thrill me. Odds are the
Hollywood boys will miss the point
of the series and mess it up, as they have in nine out of ten other
comic book to movie projects.
Just pull out a stack of the old
comics and re-read them. NO ONE
can duplicate the wacky fun and
outlandish plots thought up by
Bob Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike
Esposito. Comic books are an entertainment medium that the movies can barely touch.