Monday, May 10, 2021

That's the Spirit!

We got the last stimulus at the same time we got our tax refund AND my first social security check since I retired in February. We still had a lot left after we caught up on bills so I decided to start RE-collecting DC's SPIRIT ARCHIVES. I had gotten the first six or seven back as they began coming out about 20 years ago but then the $49.95 price just got too much as the economy slowly tanked. Around 2014, I was forced to sell them as we really needed the money. We sold a lot of stuff I haven't really missed but I DID miss the SPIRIT books so... The online bookseller, Hamilton Books had a bunch at only $9.95 to $11.95. I won a few auctions on eBay where I was the only--and low!--bidder, one guy actually donated me two free volumes of which he had extras, and now here we are with 19 out of the 27 total (counting one matching Dark Horse volume). The remaining ones are generally easy to find, albeit slightly more in cost...with a couple volumes actually being MUCH more in cost. The plan is to pick up one a month going forward, and I can rationalize the expensive ones by noting how much money I've saved on these already off that original $49.95 price!



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