Sunday, April 12, 2020

1954 AFTRA Directory Entries

Was flipping through a copy of the 1954 AFTRA directory when I came across some interesting entries. Olan Soule, above, went on to voice the cartoon Batman of the 1960s.

Comic Benny Rubin supported Jack benny for years and appeared in Orson Welles's recently resurrected THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND.

The voice of Fred Flintstone.

The original Great Gildersleeve

GREEN ACRES' Mr. Ziffel, Arnold the pig's pop

Voice of Mr. Fantastic in the 1960s FANTASTIC FOUR cartoon

Scooby, Dooby, Doo!

I worked with Tyler several times at OTR cons!

The voice of Filmation's Archie

Sidekick to Stan Freberg and later Bob Hope and Johnny Carson

BATMAN villain Evol Eckdol

Bozoo, the World's Most Famous Clown

Instantly recognizable voice from dozens of radio shows and later TV commercials.

The Man!

Freberg's sidekick and later the voice of Yogi and Huck!

The voice of everybody else!

Later Ernie Keebler. I worked with him many times!

The first lady of cartoon voices. I took a seminar with her once.

The second Gladys Kravitz on BEWITCHED and long-running Miss Duffy on DUFFY'S TAVERN. 

 Another delightful actress I was pleased to work with. 

The second Great Gildersleeve. I had dinner with him and his wife once.

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  1. The many faces of Jack Kruschen. He's always Dr. Dryfuss in "The Apartment" to me.

    At least a couple Andy Griffith Show actors here; Olan Soule and Parley Baer.

    Love that Hank Patterson's complexion is given as "rugged".