Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ross Bagdasarian

Here's Shana Alexander's 1959 LIFE article about the man behind the Chipmunks. THE CHIPMUNK SONG was the # 1 record on the radio the day I was born that year. Bagdasarian would have been 97 years old on today's date this year. 

Nine years ago, I shared the sample chapter I wrote on Ross--aka David Seville--for my unpublished book on cartoon voice actors 18 years before that!


  1. I guess "Skipper" must be Ross Jr.
    Odd that Alexander didn't mention Ross' appearance in Hitchcock's "Rear Window" as one of the neighbors Jimmy Stewart spies upon.

  2. Talk of Ross and Hitch, did you know Ross did a song called "The Trouble With Harry"? I wonder if he did that for the Hitchcock film of the same name but it didn't take.