Sunday, July 21, 2013

Room At the Bijou

One of the things that folks always seemed to like on my high school journal blogs was the personal touch I gave to movies that I saw in the seventies. A few months back, I set up a new blog all about movies from my personal perspective. 

Only nobody goes there. 

On Saturday, THE BOOKSTEVE BIJOU had 5 visitors.

That's F-I-V-E. 

It's a fun blog. I swear! We look at particular movies that impacted me at various times in my life like KING KONG ESCAPES. Recently we ran a selection from my vast collection of celebrity obits.

I do a series where I choose my ten favorite films for one star or director.

There's a piece about the cartoons that were still attached to movies when I was growing up in the seventies.

Sometimes we do highlights from pressbooks.

Or discuss vivid childhood memories.

In the seventies, I kept lists of every movie I saw on TV or in theaters and sometimes I share excerpts from those lists.

Or rare articles I've either clipped or found scans of along the way.

Sometimes we discuss cool movies that I've only recently discovered like BREAKING POINT, a 1975  Swedish thriller with hardcore scenes but which is definitely NOT a porn film.

But then we DO discuss my early experiences with sex films as well.

And my favorite child stars.

Or favorite comedic stars.

And, of course, cult figures.

And good old fashioned rousing western adventures!

At least five of you know all this. I'd appreciate it if the rest of you would give THE BOOKSTEVE BIJOU a try at  Thanks! I hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. At the suggestion on Facebook that no one knows what a "bijou" is anymore, I have officially renamed the blog as BOOKSTEVE GOES TO THE MOVIES.