Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Thanks to the good folks at Yoe Books and IDW, we find ourselves once again with a copy of Craig's latest book, DITKO MONSTERS-GORGO to be given away to one lucky reader! This time, though, ya gotta do a little work for your chance.

See the picture above? That's me reading MY personal favorite (aHeM!) Yoe book, ARCHIE: A CELEBRATION OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE TEENAGERS. In order to enter this contest, we're asking that you snap a shot of you with your own personal favorite Yoe Book! Use your cell, your webcam, a digital camera or an old-fashioned Brownie. We really don't care. Just attach a photo of YOU reading your favorite Yoe Book and send it off to me at booksteve@aol.com and you're entered! It's a way of rewarding loyal customers.

No additional purchase necessary but note that all photos sent become the property of Yoe Books and may (or may not) be used in future promotions for Yoe Books without any additional permissions or compensation. So don't go for a masterpiece here. Just a webcam shot like mine above will do fine.

The contest ends at Midnight EDT on April 1st so start clicking now and you can win this fun volume of giant green monster stories! One customer on Amazon said that the barcode alone is worth the price!


  1. or book(s). You can be photographed with multiple Yoe books!

  2. sent a sleepy time pic