Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seems Like Old Ads

This one's interesting. Apparently the artist simply wasn't able to capture even a passable likeness of Goldie Hawn in the initial ads so an entire 2nd Goldie head seems to have been drawn up (by a different artist?) and quickly pasted into the ads. In spite of big expectations, the movie was one of the lesser vehicles of all involved.


wordsmith said...

Good catch on the poster; I beg to differ on the quality of the film--I saw it twice and laughed uproariously both times.

I hope you're doing well.

Steven Thompson said...

I guess my problem is that it DIDN'T seem like old times. Chase and Goldie had incredible chemistry in FOUL PLAY, a movie I can watch over and over and enjoy as much each time. I felt they had little here with Chevy mugging his way through the whole thing--as he did most of his films after FOUL PLAY--without ever making me care about his plight. I liked Grodin better.