Saturday, January 26, 2013

You Never Forget Your First Issue

They say you never forget your first time...for anything. Well, seen here are the very first issues I ever bought of certain comic book titles. I had looked at comics for as long as I could remember, even teaching myself to read partly via a copy of X-MEN # 11. It wasn't until Batmania hit in the early months of 1966 that I actually started buying and keeping--i.e. collecting--comic books. I always credit the above BATMAN as my first collected comic. Looking at the dates, it seems I gravitated toward more DC before I really started paying any attention to Marvel. I didn't discover Steranko's Nick Fury until more than a year later...and then only because Cap, by then a favorite, guest-starred!


  1. Egg Fu and the cannibal robot; Ego and the Colonizers; the Keeper of the Flame and the Shaggy Man are also among my earliest comic memories.
    Carmine Infantino's Batman is the first version I think of ( with the Adams version next). My awareness of comics began in late 1967.

    Curiously, I didn't get into the FF until late 68 but then it became my favourite comic- until it was supplanted by Avengers. A year or two later I was hooked by the Fourth World and Conan.

  2. What a great time to become a fan. Now do you own this copy or your first love?

  3. I still have versions of all of these but the only originals I have are the now coverless SUPERMAN and JLA issues.