Sunday, August 27, 2006

Watching TV

WATCHING TV by Walter J. Podrazik and Harry Castleman came out in 1982 and quickly became a favorite here at the Library for its year by year overviews of each TV season from the forties to the (then) present. The authors succeed quite well at putting both the technology of television and its rise as an entertainment medium into perspective. All of the great shows and stars are, of course, covered but so are the trends and how they both reflected--and were in turn reflected in-- real life. Add to that full fall schedule grids for every single year and the truly MAD cover by sometime TV GUIDE cover artist Jack Davis that features everyone from Arthur Godfrey and Captain Kangaroo to Claude Akins and J. Fred Muggs (or were those two the same person?). Long out of print, if you’re a TV buff, check your local library or Ebay. I’m sure you’ll just love WATCHING TV.

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