Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jack Davis R.I.P.

It was impossible to miss Jack Davis's art for the better part of the last century and once you saw it, it was instantly recognizable. If Davis's only contribution to pop culture had been his EC comic book work, we'd still be mourning his passing but he was so much more.

His horror work at EC gave way to humor, with Davis becoming one of the original contributors to MAD.

Although he followed Harvey Kurtzman to TRUMP and HUMBUG, he was welcomed back to MAD for literally decades.

But he also turned up often in CRACKED...

and even in SICK.

Dell even tried to give him his OWN personal humor mag/comic in the early sixties but for various reasons, it only ran two issues.

He did a lot of novelties for Topps.

For Warren Publishing, Davis created Uncle Creepy and the legendary Frankenstein poster.

He also worked on other Warren mags.

There were a LOT of TV GUIDE covers.

many, many movie posters for films both big and small. 

Network TV promotional artwork.

TV commercials.

Sports art.

Civil War art.

Mainstream magazines.

Record album covers for groups and performers whose music he perhaps never even knew.

More comic covers, posters, commissions, etc in later years.

So much success in so many fields but it always kept coming back to EC and MAD. Rest in Peace, Jack Davis.


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