Thursday, July 03, 2014

Rare Bat Documents!

HOLY BEHIND THE SCENES, BATMAN! With all the hype regarding BATMAN '66, check this awesome disc out!

This CD Rom contains a ton of material related to the BATMAN television series from 1966 to 1968. Production reports, inter-office memos, casting call sheets, budget reports, ratings, fan letters, newspaper clippings, proposed television scripts that were never produced... it's virtually a treasure trove of archival material scanned onto a single Cd-Rom for you to insert into your computer and read. Want to read the letters that went back and forth between Shelley Winters and William Dozier about the accident that caused the actress to be injured? Kirk Douglas rejecting an offer to appear on the show (and oh yeah, "please don't tell the kids"). The story treatment for a proposed TV episode with Clint Eastwood as Two-Face. Godzilla vs. Batman? Yeah, there was a big screen movie proposed and here's the actual story! So much material it will take you days to read it all, even if you had that much free time on your hands. For BATMAN fans, this is a must-have and not available anywhere else.
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