Friday, June 13, 2014

TV 69--Finally!

Finally got this latest addition to the Library in the mail today even though I was expecting it about 3 weeks back. It seems the reseller I ordered it from hadn't mailed it when they say they said they had and then when they went to mail it, they broke it. Logically, they should have contacted me with that info and asked how I wished to proceed. But no. Instead, they ordered another copy for me from a  different seller. And they didn't tell me. I messaged them through Amazon when it was past due and still received no response. I message them again 2 days later and this time received a response in which they explained what happened and said they were surprised I hadn't received it yet. That was more than a week ago. They still didn't tell me WHO they had ordered it from or an expected arrival date or anything.

But today I received it--finally--and I pronounce it good. Lots of info, nostalgia and rare pictures, especially when taken in conjunction with TV70 which I've had for 25 years.

Not going to drag the seller's name through the mud here but I'm not going to order from them again, either, and I gave them a bad review. Not a horrible review but a bad one. They tried to rectify the situation. They just did it very poorly every step of the way.

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