Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dr Who Contest-1986

Here's the (slightly water damaged) original for the contest flyer I made up for my award-winning 1986 DR. WHO contest done for Waldenbooks. It may look crude but those were still pre-computer days. I'd like to see YOU try it without PaintShop, okay? The contest itself seems simple now that Who is all the rage again because all you have to do is put the various regenerations in the correct order. You'd be amazed how many wrong answers we got. Note also the photo of our tie-in wall display as taken from a company magazine early in the next year. The whole thing was done as a promotion for the Waldenbooks Otherworlds Club for sci-fi readers, one of several popular genre-specific clubs offered at the time. These were later incorporated into the Waldenbooks Preferred Reader card which itself was later phased into the current Borders Rewards Card.

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