Monday, August 04, 2008

Marvel Comics # 1 Ad!

Also from Lisa_Mynx, here is an ad from an unknown source dated October, 1939 (from one of Goodman's pulps, perhaps?). As you can see, the ad is clearly touting the first appearances of The Human Torch,Sub-Mariner (yes, I know all about MOTION PICTURE FUNNIES WEEKLY #1 but you know what I mean!), and Marvel in general. It should go without saying but just in case you wanted to take them up on the dime offer in the ad, please note that the last time one of these suckers publically changed hands it went for about half the money in Scrooge McDuck's money bin! If I were you, I'd settle for the relatively recent Marvel reprint.

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lisa_mynx said...

the source was in the name of the file i sent you... 'Complete Detective'