Sunday, May 18, 2008

Miracleman NON-3-D

Okay, how rare is this? Back in the eighties, Eclipse was my favorite independent comics publisher. When they got the rights to Alan Moore's MARVELMAN in the US, they were forced to change the name to MIRACLEMAN to comply with legal requests from Marvel Comics. Now, I had already read all of the stories in the UK's WARRIOR but Eclipse did it right with marvelous presentation and color, making the first issue one of my all-time favorite single comics! In the midst of this boom period, there was also a resurgence in 3-D comics, complete with funny colored glasses just like back in the fifties. They felt the need to do a MIRACLEMAN 3-D.

Here's the thing. I could never see 3-D. (Apparently I can NOW as I did a year or so back when they re-released NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and I was amazed!) Thus I was pleased when several of the publishers decided to release NON-3-D versions for us completists! These limited edition versions were only available by mail and on a first come, first serve basis. They cost a bit more but they were otherwise identical to the originals except for an added, signed and numbered page. Somewhere I have a 3-D NORMALMAN non-3-D signed by Deni Loubert and Valentino. Eclipse's eccentric co-publisher, Cat Yronwode wrote the piece seen here explaining why she herself can't see 3-D for a non-3-D version of their reprint comic, SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT. Note that it is signed and is number 19 of only 100 copies printed in this format. Pretty low number. Since speculators were not everywhere in those days, I'm curious as to how many of those 100 copies were even sold. Were any still on-hand destroyed in the flood that led to Eclipse's ultimate demise? MIRACLEMAN comics are amazingly overpriced on the collector market! Even the graphic novels, kept out of print today by complicated legal issues best discussed by others, are going for a premium. Again, I find myself asking: Just how rare is this signed, numbered, NON-3-D issue of MIRACLEMAN 3-D?

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RAB said...

I have a condition called "disconnected strabismus" so reading this makes me feel like I was mentioned in a comic book! Whee!