Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Have a Tootsie Roll and Relax

I have every reason to believe that I will be sans Internet y the time I get home from work so let me leave you with yet another CAPTAIN TOOTSIE and a nice relaxing Tootsie Roll. As you can see, it's always good after a crisis...or after sex even. After all, doesn't that look more like a cigarette in the last panel? And speaking of that last panel, "the big 1 cent Tootsie Roll"? Much better than those tiny ha'penny tootsies, y'know?
Should be back on by the weekend.

1 comment:

RAB said...

What bothers me is the Captain's insistence on everybody having one while racing to a fire for "quick energy." So apparently it'll act as a stimulant when you need a boost, and as a sedative when you need that instead. Sounds like the desperate rationalizations of an addict to me...