Monday, December 04, 2006

Shredded Wheat Comic Transfers

Yesterday, we talked about Silly Putty and the joys of being able to lift images of your favorite comics characters right off of the printed page! Well, here, in this fifties(?) ad for Shredded Wheat cereal, we have comic strip transfers which you can put right on your clothing (or your hankies!) and wear to school where you'll be the envy of all your friends...or at least you would be if any of these were A-list characters. I mean seriously, when ANDY GUMP and HAROLD TEEN are the big shot names on your licensed character list, I sense a bit of a problem. Were they even still being published that late? What's that? THE SHADOW?? Hmmm... I dunno... Hey, Mister Tollin, does that guy "Shadow" look like he knows what evil is lurking in the hearts of men...or anywhere else for that matter?


sam kujava said...

Well, I'm not Mr. Tollin, who is busy
publishing new pulp magazine sized
slick reprints of The Shadow and Doc
Savage, but I remember listening to
tapes of the old Superman radio series, and the Pep cereal people
were forever advertising premiums
featuring likenesses of "famous"
comic strip characters, and the name
"Shadow" kept popping up. I somehow
knew that that Shadow was not Lamont
Cranston, but another person altogether. And now, thanks to the ad
posted here, I can put a face to the
Sorry if I couldn't be more helpful
to you, Steve!

Percy Trout said...

The Shadow loves him some Malteds!