Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Dick Tracy

In yesterday's post, we ran a couple of DICK TRACY ads from more than half a century back. We neglected to point out, however, that the history of Tracy is far from a done deal at this point. In fact, in recent weeks alone, word comes of a complete reprint project for the 75 year old strip and, perhaps best of all, Dick has become a supporting character in the current GASOLINE ALLEY storyline by Jim Scancarelli (marking a rare non-gag crossover in comic strips). DICK TRACY has appeared in numerous reprint comics (often censored) over the decades, perhaps most noticably from Harvey in the fifties and sixties. Even DC did an over-sized one-shot in the seventies. A number of hardback and trade paperback books have offered histories and "best of" compilations and several companies have done long chronological reprintings of strips. The book seen here was put out in conjunction with Warren Beatty's early nineties movie version and, in my opinion, offers perhaps the best history of DICK TRACY as it does so through the marketing and merchandising that made the character so legendary.

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