Friday, September 29, 2006

Hollywood Hi-Fi

A lot of websites have taken to running articles, excerpts or videos of "golden throat" performances—celebrities who can’t sing singing. Here at the Library, we’ve had this slim volume that covers a lot of that same ground, HOLLYWOOD HI-FI, since 1995. Underneath the photomanipulated Jerry Colonna cover the book itself is a fun putdown of celebs who come to believe they can do it all. It features mostly single page articles on each of dozens of albums and singles by folks who should never have been allowed near a recording studio. These include:
Orson Welles
Mickey Rooney
Anthony Quinn
Bette Davis
Dennis Weaver
Irene Ryan
Buddy Hackett
Barbara Feldon
Sally Field
Herve Villachaize
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Boris Karloff
Burgess Meredith
Goldie Hawn
Jack Webb
Danny Bonaduce
Charlie Weaver
Regis Philbin
Crispin Glover
and finally (how did she get in this list? She’s great!) Hayley Mills!

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Booksteve said...

Okay, as one reader pointed out, Mickey Rooney DID star in a number of classic musicals. Still, he wasn't very good and the middle-aged Mickey who made the record discussed in the book was apparently worse.