Saturday, March 25, 2006

1966 Batman Pop-Tarts Giveaway

Now here's something interesting! SUPERMAN artist Wayne Boring on one of his rare BATMAN outings. This action-packed little gem was one of several giveaways from Kellogg's then-spanking new Pop-Tarts at the height of Batmania in 1966. I've got a partial copy of another one somewhere but here, in its entirety, is BATMAN in THE MAD HATTER's HATE CRIMES!


Michael Kronenberg said...

Pretty fascinating, seeing Wayne Boring do this 1966 Batman story. Don't recall seeing him ever do a Batman without Superman story.

Dr.J. said...

This story was printed in dc's 80 page silver age book, that came out in 2000, much cheaper to get then the 1966 promo.