Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Movie Ad Collection

OOPS! Forgot to mention that the library also includes a rather extensive collection of newspaper movie ads and clippings from the early seventies to the late eighties. The example seen here, for instance, is for a highly touted but more or less forgotten 1982 film entitled MEGAFORCE!! It was sort of a BUCKAROO BANZAI precursor with Barry (SPIN CITY)Bostwick answering the unasked question, "What if Chuck Norris had been one of the Village People...only with big guns?" Produced and directed by folks responsible for such diverse delights as THE GODFATHER, THE CHINESE CONNECTION and SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, this "high tech" car crash of a movie came and went in spite of the hype machine being in overdrive. Left off of this scan, for instance, was a tag asking potential viewers to send $1.00 for the Official Megaforce Membership kit that contained a patch, a membership card and bike decals! Cool!
Anyway, from time to time we will also be revisiting some of the more memorable and/or bizarre ads. Check back often!

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