Saturday, April 13, 2019

Help Annette Heinz

Seen above is Ms. Annette Heinz. I do not know her personally although she lives in the next town over but I remember reading about her back in the day when she was appearing in adult films. I actually don't believe I ever even saw any in which she was featured. 

But now, long retired from that business, she lives in a 100 year old home with some severe structural damage that she is afraid will soon leave her homeless. 

With our own problems with leaks and pipes and roofs and siding and chimneys in just the past few years, I can somewhat relate. In our case, though, insurance took care of most of it.

Ms. Heinz and I have several mutual friends on Facebook which is how we learned of her plight.
My wife, in her capacity as a disabilities advocate here in Kentucky, is attempting to get her some assistance, but a GoFundMe has also been set up to help.

If you were a fan of Ms. Heinz's films back in the day, or if you just want to help a fellow human being down on their luck, please consider a small donation. 


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