Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lost Girl For the Holidays


"Kathy is candid without being graphic, honest without being harsh and funny without being forced. She allows us to see that even for former child stars there are things scarier than sleestaks."

"Parts of the book are "laugh out loud" funny. Parts of the book are heartbreakingly sad."

"The book is honest, revealing and forthcoming with the sadness and happiness of Kathleen’s life journey to date. Kathleen sounds like an amazing person to know and have as a friend."

"This book surpassed all my expectations, and answered every question I had about a show I have only recently begun to watch. The style of the text is conversational, and it really is like running into someone who is sharing anecdotes about their life with warmth and self-effacing humor."

"This is a fantastic book not only for LOTL fans, but for anyone with a desire to look inside the life of a child star and the battles and victories they faced in later years."

"It's Kathy talking in her own voice with her own words, sometimes rambling, sometimes getting off topic or making allusion to something she doesn't cover fully until much later, and it's a style that further immerses you in Kathy's experience in life and reveals the sort of person Kathy is at heart--open, kind, and flawed as any other human."

"This book is like nothing I've ever read because Kathy's life is unlike any life I've ever imagined. The good parts won't surprise you, they were fantastic but the bad, nightmarish parts definitely will!"

"She has such a wonderful insight on life and a lifetime of experiences. This was a wild exciting story."

"The book would make a great movie. Just don’t leave it in the hands of Brad Siberling, Will Ferrell, or the Kroffts for that matter."

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