Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Worst of Eerie Publications

Here's another new, just out last week book that I worked on behind the scenes recently. Compiled and edited by Mike Howlett for Yoe Books' ongoing Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, this hardcover collects stories from those gory black and white magazine comics that used to litter the stands next to the classier CREEPY, NIGHTMARE, PSYCHO and VAMPIRELLA. Included is the one story that everyone seems to remember from their nightmares--a little acid-tinged hippie ditty from Archie artist and Kirby inker Chic Stone. This stuff took what Dr. Wertham warned America about and made it a reality...then cranked it up to 11. You can order a copy here:


  1. Should have been subtitled "The NAUSEATING Archives of Eerie Publications!" or "The LOATHSOME Archives of Eerie Publications!"

  2. Just ordered mine from Amazon yesterday. Can't wait to read it!